Welcome to my pleasure-dome.

This blog (called Swartjes.weblog) is dedicated to the things I like most: Motorcycling, travelling and gadgets.



My name is Matheu Swartjes (aka Crash Test Dummy or CTD).
And I am addicted. Addicted to motorcycling, but also to gadgets. But most of all, I’m addicted to the Internet.

For more then 10 years I’m maintaining one or more websites letting the world know what I am doing. First site was about a bunch of motorcycle friends who called themselfs Ajoeto. But after that my webpublications expanded and became more personal.

The site you are visiting now is my 3th redesign since it all started in 1996. I might as well call it 4.0. Comments are always welcome.

Enjoy, drive safe and take care.


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