Nov 08

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Apr 09

New bike in town

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New bike in town

New bike in town: Yamaha MT-09

Since January 18, there’s a new kid in town. With pain in my heart I said goodbye to my good old FZ-1N, nearly eight years old. I’d never had the same bike for that long. And she still didn’t bore me at all.

But with the announcement of the new MT-09 there came this little itch. Promising specifications, new techniques and a beautiful design. After the pre-launch followed the real introduction at Termaat Motoren. And only three days later the opportunity for a test drive. Within 200 meters I knew it! And within the hour the fate of the FZ-1 was signed.

After 2.5 months and almost 2000km I still have no regrets. What a bike! I will be blogging more active again and share my adventures with this new kid.


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Apr 14

New MotoGP season started: I want to win to

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Oh yes, last weekend the new MotoGP season has started. In a total of 18 rounds we will be entertained by men in leathers on 2 wheels.

And what will it bring? Well a new competition for sure. No more 250cc 2-stroke class any more. Ever! Back in 2003 the 500cc 2-stroke class was transformed to the MotoGP class (990cc 4-stroke). This year the 250’s are trade in for the Moto2 class (600cc 4-stroke). All bikes will run the same Honda engine, so it all comes to the skills of the bike-builder and the rider.

But that’s not all there is to say. I want to win as well. Some years ago the Dutch motormagazine Motor started a competition as well. The one who predicts the best raceteam hits the jackpot at the end of the season. This year the first prize is a BMW S1000RR. Enough reason to try to buy the best riders into my team: Casey Stoner and Aleix Espargaro (MotoGP), Kenny Noyes and Claudio Corti (Moto2), Alberto Moncayo and Marc Marqueza (125 cc). First race-weekend wasn’t that good, but we still have 17 races ahead. Thumbs up for team Ajoeto CTD!


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May 30

Kashmir here I come

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North IndiaI finally decided how I’m going to spend my vacation this year. Last year I went on a motortrip in North Vietnam. This year (starting August 22) the destination will be North India / Kashmir.

Some 2500 kilometers in 21 days on an Enfield Bullet 500, starting and ending in New Delhi. During the trip we will see the India/Pakistan border, visit the current residence of the Dalai Lama, meeting Kashmiries and riding the highest road in the world (5602 meters). We will sleep in all types of hotels, a houseboat and even big tents. The diversity is big: all kinds of different peoples, religions and scenery’s. The weatherconditions will be ranging from very hot (New Delhi) to cold (high in the Himalya). Kashmire

Like last year, this trip is organised by At this time there are 8 other dutch/belgium people who will join as well, but there’s still a room for 3 more. The trip will be led by an experienced guide, with the assistance of a mechanic and a chauffeur.

I still have time to prepare and learn the language. Most important: how to order a cold beer.


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May 07

World traveler in tha house!

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Blogging his ass off

Blogging his ass off

Yesterday evening my danish friend Mick arrived. Mick started on May 1st with his quest to find the meaning of live. Well not exactly that, but a good reason to burn all ships behind him and start traveling around the world on his VFR motorbike.

The first days he visited some friends in Denmark to say goodbye to them and now, after a pit-stop in Kiel – Germany, he is here to do the same.

His bike is overloaded with all the gear he has taken with him. On arrival yesterday evening he immediately decided to leave some things behind in Beuningen, hoping he will not need them in the months to come.

There is a pair of fresh rubbers (tires that is) laying ready for him in my ched. He sent them a month ago and is going to replace them one of these days by hand. Good luck to him. I will stand by and look how he gets that done. Will take some pictures of it as well to brighten up this blog.

Getting all electrical

Getting all electrical

This morning I first cleaned up his laptop, added more memory and updated the bios. Tomorrow I will exchange the internal disk with a bigger one, `cause the 80 GB disk is full already.

After a couple cups of coffee Mick was alive and ready again to blog the past days on his website (at the same time that I’m blogging this). I recon I have to clean out his laptop again tomorrow. Smoking will typing is the biggest deadthreat for laptops. Still wonder how long his laptop will last during his travels. Backups? Who needs them?


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