Jul 29

New phone again: I feel like a Hero

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Only seven weeks ago I did a blog on my new android phone, the HTC Magic. Although the phone still feels like Magic, I’m going to switch to another (android) phone, the HTC Hero.

HTC Hero white

HTC Hero white

Why this switch? Well only because I won this new phone last friday during the HTC Hero promotion tour in The Netherlands. 75 phones were to be won in a time challenge and I succeeded to get one during the last timetrail on friday.

Technical the Hero and Magic are almost identical. Only the digital camera is upgrade to 5.0 Mpixels on the Hero. The OS is identical as well: Android 1.5, but HTC offers a special extra application package on the Hero. For me one of the main reason to prefer the Hero is the HTC Sync application which allows not only synchronisation with Google Mail/Agenda, but also with Microsoft Exchange. This makes it possible for me to maintain my office agenda (Exchange) and privat agenda (Google) integrated on one device.

The Hero will be in the mail for me by this time, so tomorrow or the day after I will swap from Magic to Hero.


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