Apr 14

New MotoGP season started: I want to win to

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Oh yes, last weekend the new MotoGP season has started. In a total of 18 rounds we will be entertained by men in leathers on 2 wheels.

And what will it bring? Well a new competition for sure. No more 250cc 2-stroke class any more. Ever! Back in 2003 the 500cc 2-stroke class was transformed to the MotoGP class (990cc 4-stroke). This year the 250’s are trade in for the Moto2 class (600cc 4-stroke). All bikes will run the same Honda engine, so it all comes to the skills of the bike-builder and the rider.

But that’s not all there is to say. I want to win as well. Some years ago the Dutch motormagazine Motor started a competition as well. The one who predicts the best raceteam hits the jackpot at the end of the season. This year the first prize is a BMW S1000RR. Enough reason to try to buy the best riders into my team: Casey Stoner and Aleix Espargaro (MotoGP), Kenny Noyes and Claudio Corti (Moto2), Alberto Moncayo and Marc Marqueza (125 cc). First race-weekend wasn’t that good, but we still have 17 races ahead. Thumbs up for team Ajoeto CTD!


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