May 30

Kashmir here I come

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North IndiaI finally decided how I’m going to spend my vacation this year. Last year I went on a motortrip in North Vietnam. This year (starting August 22) the destination will be North India / Kashmir.

Some 2500 kilometers in 21 days on an Enfield Bullet 500, starting and ending in New Delhi. During the trip we will see the India/Pakistan border, visit the current residence of the Dalai Lama, meeting Kashmiries and riding the highest road in the world (5602 meters). We will sleep in all types of hotels, a houseboat and even big tents. The diversity is big: all kinds of different peoples, religions and scenery’s. The weatherconditions will be ranging from very hot (New Delhi) to cold (high in the Himalya). Kashmire

Like last year, this trip is organised by At this time there are 8 other dutch/belgium people who will join as well, but there’s still a room for 3 more. The trip will be led by an experienced guide, with the assistance of a mechanic and a chauffeur.

I still have time to prepare and learn the language. Most important: how to order a cold beer.


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