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Review Depeche Mode tour of the Universe

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On November 30th I went to Ahoy Rotterdam to attend the latest concert tour of Depeche Mode. I’ve become a fan of the band in the early 80’s, at the time that synth-pop became popular for a very short time.

During all these years I kept interested in the band and kept buying the albums. I also bought several DVD’s from different tours, but until now never was able to attend a concert. The concert in Rotterdam was the only concert schedules in the Netherlands during the tour. Why? Is it because Depeche Mode isn’t that popular (anymore) in the Netherlands? That can’t be it, ’cause the venue (Ahoy) was sold out within one day.

What about the concert? Was it any good? Yes it was, I say. To begin with, the sound quality was good, so that was a good start. Furthermore the public was enthusiastic which always has a positive influence on the bands performance. And last, but not least, Depeche Mode played superb! The quality of DM concerts always depends on the main members of the band, lead-singer David Gahan and guitarist Martin Gore. Both were in excellent form on monday night. We all saw a very entertaining performance of the band. Music, lighting and the videowall were perfectly in sync. As a bonus for me the band not only played songs from their lastest album, but many more from the past.

Rate: 9 out of 10




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May 03

Music: Depeche Mode – Sounds of the Universe

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depechemodesoundsoftheuniverse1Together with my ordered U2 album amazon UK also send me the brand new Depeche Mode album called Sounds of the Universe.

Thirteen new songs, which could have been 20 songs as well. In an interview (on the accompanied DVD) Martin Gore tells that they had so many ideas worked out that they had trouble to choose which songs would make the album. And what an album it is. Typical dark Depeche Mode style, rythmic and very strong lyrics. A new masterpiece I think.

depechemodesoundsoftheuniverse2Art direction, photography and cover design are by Anton Corbijn.

The DVD is worthwhile as well. It contains all album tracks in Dolby and DTS 5.1 surround sound, a short film introducing the album by the bandmembers, the video of ‘wrong’ and 3 remixes of 3 tracks.

Score: 9 / 10


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