May 07
Blogging his ass off

Blogging his ass off

Yesterday evening my danish friend Mick arrived. Mick started on May 1st with his quest to find the meaning of live. Well not exactly that, but a good reason to burn all ships behind him and start traveling around the world on his VFR motorbike.

The first days he visited some friends in Denmark to say goodbye to them and now, after a pit-stop in Kiel – Germany, he is here to do the same.

His bike is overloaded with all the gear he has taken with him. On arrival yesterday evening he immediately decided to leave some things behind in Beuningen, hoping he will not need them in the months to come.

There is a pair of fresh rubbers (tires that is) laying ready for him in my ched. He sent them a month ago and is going to replace them one of these days by hand. Good luck to him. I will stand by and look how he gets that done. Will take some pictures of it as well to brighten up this blog.

Getting all electrical

Getting all electrical

This morning I first cleaned up his laptop, added more memory and updated the bios. Tomorrow I will exchange the internal disk with a bigger one, `cause the 80 GB disk is full already.

After a couple cups of coffee Mick was alive and ready again to blog the past days on his website (at the same time that I’m blogging this). I recon I have to clean out his laptop again tomorrow. Smoking will typing is the biggest deadthreat for laptops. Still wonder how long his laptop will last during his travels. Backups? Who needs them?


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