May 03

Mick Høy: Around the world journey

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mickhoeyThis is my good friend Mick Høy. Mick is from Denmark, but I met him in 2007 in the south of France on Camping Moto. We spent there some days as neighbours and decided to travel back north together.

In May last year Mick invited me to go with him and his danish friends to ride some days in east Germany and in the summer Mick came to The Netherlands to visit the Nijmegen Summerfest.

I will meet Mick again in a couple of days. He will visit me as part of his cunning plan: Riding his bike around the world. He left his parents home on May 1st to travel europe heading south to the next continent: Africa.

Of course Mick will record most of his adventures on the web so we can read his whereabouts:


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