Apr 09

New bike in town

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New bike in town

New bike in town: Yamaha MT-09

Since January 18, there’s a new kid in town. With pain in my heart I said goodbye to my good old FZ-1N, nearly eight years old. I’d never had the same bike for that long. And she still didn’t bore me at all.

But with the announcement of the new MT-09 there came this little itch. Promising specifications, new techniques and a beautiful design. After the pre-launch followed the real introduction at Termaat Motoren. And only three days later the opportunity for a test drive. Within 200 meters I knew it! And within the hour the fate of the FZ-1 was signed.

After 2.5 months and almost 2000km I still have no regrets. What a bike! I will be blogging more active again and share my adventures with this new kid.

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Nov 30

Welcome to this pleasure dome

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Hello world!

I like to welcome you all to my new website. The coming weeks this site will become my testbed to develop my new weblog. I plan to replace my current weblog around januari 1st (2009) with this one, based on WordPress. Besides motorbike related articles I will introduce some more subject I will be writing about (like gadgets, travel and human interest).

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